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Forever August Designs came to life in 2020 when quarantine gave me time to explore my creativity. I finally had a little time to slow down and focus on myself. Post partum was a rough time for me, as it is for many other mamas , and finding my way back to being “me” not just a mom was important for my health. I started painting and playing around with graphic design a bit, just for fun. I woke up one day, told Brent I had this crazy idea that I wanted to call Forever August, and he was game on. Brent is 100% the brains and I am the creator/dreamer of the pair. There is no partner more supportive then mine, don’t try to convince me because it’s just not true.

The business name came from, no surprise, my son. Every night when Mel goes to bed, I tell him “I love you forever” and his middle name is August. I wanted the name to be reflective of what I love most, being a mom.

As a new mom, I wanted to buy every “mama” shirt, sticker, and accessory I ever came across. Nearly all my designs cater around my love and passion for my family, art, and all things colorful/cute/fun. Thank you so much for supporting my dreams!

You can check out some of my paintings on Society6.

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Forever August creator Colleen Taylor, as featured on Houston NBC affiliate KPRC
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